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: Modify / enhance the dado cut adjustment span of the FESTOOL Kapex KS120 miter saw
Auteur Eric
Date de proposition August 2018
Tags du projet FESTOOL KAPEX KS120,dado cut,rainure,modding,enhancement
Utilisateur final my Kapex
Type de projet

Projet personnel de Eric

Projet : Modify / enhance the dado cut adjustment span of the FESTOOL Kapex KS120 miter saw


Augmentation de la plage de réglage de la fonction de découpe de rainure de la scie à onglet FESTOOL KAPEX KS120

Dado cuts height adjustement feature

The Kapex KS120 height adjustement for dado cuts is limited to about 40 mm, which avoids using this feature for high workpieces. This limitation seems to annoy other Kapex users.

Dado cuts are limited to about 40 mm

User's manuals

The cutting depth limit lever is referenced at position "1.4" on page 4 of the PDF user manual.

The cutting depth limit lever is referenced at position "U" on page 7 of this very nice official Kapex KS120 supplemental user's manual.


I updated my Kapex KS120 to allow a cutting depth limit adustement from 0 to ...93 mm

How to ?

To unmount the existing 1.4 lever, remove the mains cable strain relief and the machine back panel/plate.

The height adjustement lever is easy to replace

On a lathe, process a 6 mm silver steel rod to make a modified copy of the lever 1.4 using the dimensions shown in the picture below (scale = mm). The shape of the thinner side of th rod does not need to match exactely with the original part.

Original and custom made height adjustement lever

Use an M6 x 1 mm (right hand) HSS die to machine the thread.

e.g ref. SDEMM06B here.

Use an angle grinder to create the flats on the opposite side of the rod Mount the barrel nut on the threaded side of lever

As you can observe on the original lever, the lowest possible position of the barrel nut is 12 mm. Use a small chisel to break the thread on 3 or 4 locations on your custom made lever to limit the barrel nut lowest position to 12 mm (same value as on the original part).

Limit the barrel nut lowest position to 12 mm

Check if the custom made lever has enough room to move near the motor enclosure.

Take care of the motor enclosure

Mounting hint

Keep a look on the tall miter latch parts to be sure they are in their correct position.

FESTOOL KAPEX dado cut mod 50421.JPG

While positionning the plastic back panel, take care to put the tall miter locking lever spring into it's groove.

Spring and groove for the tall miter feature


With this modding, we now obtain a gorgeous adjustement span from 0 to 93 mm. The dado cut feature of the Kapex becomes now far more versatile.

Great! More than twice the span of the unmodified machine

Last hints/limitations

Barrel nut

You may use the M6 x 1 barrel nut from the existing lever assembly or buy a new part The original part has a 10 mm diameter and 14 mm lenght.

The height adjustment lever has now 3 positions

For adjustement limit above 50 mm, the 1.4 lever has to be set into an intermediate position.

Depth limit lever in engaged position for dado cuts from 0 to 40 mm
Depth limit lever in disengaged position
Lever in intermediate position for dado cuts from 40 to 93 mm

Cutting witdh

Another limitation (that already exists on an unmodified Kapex saw) : you won't be able to perform the dado cut in one pass on the full nominal machine width of 305 mm, but 220 mm seems to be reachable. To use the full 305 mm width, you need to reverse your workpiece.