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CNC laser cutter/engraver, 40W
Auteur jmpoure, Julien, eloib
Date de proposition 15/05/2013
Tags du projet CNC, laser, cutter, engraver, CO2
Type de projet

Projet personnel de jmpoure, Julien, eloib

Projet CNC laser cutter/engraver, 40W

This projects aims to build a small 40W CNC laser cutter / engraver

This project is a personal project which aims to build a small laser CNC at the lowest possible cost for learning purpose.

At Electrolab, we have a huge laser in stock waiting to be used and this project is unrelated. But it may help us understand more about laser technology and learn how to build a custom device.

We may also collaborate with Amiens hacker club on that project (Eloib,

There is a need for a small and versatile CNC laser cutter/engraver:

  • Cutting small wood / acrylic parts.
  • Engaving aluminium / metal parts.

The devices should not require too much space and should be cheap, around 1000 EUR maximum. laser

While searching the Internet, I found this small Buildlog.Net 2.x 40W CO2 laser, designed by Barton Dring and licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. 2.0 laser

Follow these links for a complete description:

Technical details

I would like to upgrade Buildlog 2.x laser to 60W and later 80-100W.

  • Working area: 12” x 20” x 4” = 304,8 mm x 508 mm x 101,6 mm. Could be extended to a larger area.
  • Laser: 60 watt co2 laser tube(later upgradeable to 80-100 watt)
  • Structure: Openrail or Makerslide.
  • Axes : X and Y axes.
  • Lift platform with motor (Z axe?).
  • Fume extraction.
  • Water cooling.
  • Red Dot Pointer.
  • Should run under MACH3 and LinuxCNC

More details:

To obtain that, we must use Scalable Laser 2.x script.


This is only what is expected.


  • Acrilyc (no PVC)
  • Dark plastic
  • Wood


  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Granite


We don't want to order from US based companies, as delivery costs are too high. So we are looking for european suppliers.

Laser tubes

It seems that 40W entry-level laser tubes are extremely cheap on eBay:

By comparision, 60W tubes are more expensive:

I am currently looking for a cheap 60W tube.

Aluminium and plastic parts

6061-T6 Aluminium

Phase 1: mechanics and rails

Phase 2: electronics and laser

Be the force with us :)