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My name is jmpoure from and I whish to apply Jeremy Rifkin principles in my real life, as an individual.

I always believed that the future would take place on the country side, not in large cities where land is too expensive.

We have to learn how to respect nature AND build a modern and technical society.

If this is reasonable to believe that these ideas can be applied, I should start appying them myself, because the government will probably do nothing.

This long term project will include sub-projects:

  • Producing food on the farm in Northern France, without using any pesticide or chemichals (done). My next project is a green farm with automatic monitoring and water supply.
  • Protecting animals and species, like local bees or some plants (pending).
  • Producing energy using solar panels and wind stations and connecting it to a small grid (pending).
  • Creating a small production plant with 3D printers, CNC mills, CNC lathes, laser cutters, plasma cutters to produce local and durable industrial goods and share them (look for my other projects at Electrolab).
  • Share ideas, devices and 3D models using Internet and become a citizen of earth (pending).
  • Family life, teaching young kids and sharing our experience to the next generation (pending, always will).

The experiment is taking place on 3 ha of land in Northern France and in Nanterre (

Stay tuned !