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RFID Reader to Controller schematics

Reader to Controller

AVR32 (AT32UC3A0512) Pinout

RFID Pin int Pin 0 (white) Pin 1 (green) Pin ctrl (blue)
0 PA21 (int0) PA11 PA12 PA13
1 PA22 (int1) PX13 PX12 PX15
2 PA23 (int2) PX16 PX19 PX22
3 PA03 (int4) PA25 PA26 PA27
4 PA04 (int5) PB31 PC05 PC04
5 PA10 (int6) PB04 PB17 PX33
6 PA08 (int7) PB23 PB24 PA09

Note: PA24 (int3) is used with Ethernet PHY, PA20 (int8) is a NMI not used here

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